The Big Jasmine Laundry Bundle

The Big Jasmine Laundry Bundle

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Biodegradable Formulas · Plant-based · Eco-Friendly · Recycled & Recyclable Plastic Bottles · Made in the UK

Bundle includes:

  • x4 – Jasmine Laundry Liquids
  • x2 – Jasmine Fabric Conditioner
  • x1 – Oxy Bleach

If you love the smell of sweet jasmine, you'll love our Jasmine laundry cleaning bundle. Our plant based formulas will leave your laundry with an indulgent and long lasting jasmine aroma while our clever oxy bleach will help banish tough stains down the drain.

Suitable for hand washing your clothing, delicates and cold wash. Always check your garment label first.

Laundry Detergent - 1 Litre - 28 Standard Washes

Fabric Softener- 1 Litre - 40 Standard Washes

Oxy Laundry Bleach - 500g

The scent: Jasmine

Our Jasmine scent is dominated by notes of jasmine, ylang-ylang and sweet orange blossom. Floral and sharp yet warm and woody, everything a luxurious scent should be. 

Registered with Vegan Society 

That means the Vegan Society have checked we meet their strict standards. No GMO, no Animal derived ingredients and we don't test on animals (how could you!?) We stand firmly against the use of ingredients on animals during any part of our product process. We are a cruelty free, eco-friendly cleaning products company committed to offering sustainable and responsibly sourced products.