It all
  started at
     my kitchen

Wilton was born from my obsession with scents. I loved fancy candles and  diffusers but I didn’t like the smell of cleaning products - so I started making my own at home

I mixed my essential oil blends with fragrance free laundry liquids. Friends started asking for bottles of their own, and Wilton was born. We make Wilton right here in the UK. It means we can create jobs and support our community and it's also great for our carbon footprint.

You don’t need nasty ingredients to make effective cleaning products. So we’ve ditched the nasty stuff and swapped them with naturally derived alternatives. We’re committed doing our bit for people, planet and nature – that’s why we’re a certified BCorp, Vegan Society registered and Carbon Neutral.

   The smell 
of a better

We're on a mission to change the smell of clean for the better

We never liked the smell of cleaning products. Yes, they might smell better than a dirty home but they rarely actually smell nice.

It's especially true in the laundry aisle. It's full of fictional scents like 'Laundry Fresh' and 'Moonlight Harmony' - I mean, what the hell does 'Moonlight' smell like?

So we're doing things a little differently. We've designed a range of botanical scents where essential oils sit centre stage (And we don't make up stupid names for them!). So your home and laundry will smell amazing.

But it's more than just smelling clean, we all want a clean conscience too. As a certified BCorp Business, we put people, planet and our community first. That's why our formulas are designed to be kind to the environment and we're always looking at ways to reduce the impact our products have on our planet. We're using recycled and recyclable plastic in our bottles, all our formulas are biodegradable, we don't test on animals, we're registered with the Vegan Society and we don't use unnecessary ingredients like synthetic dyes. We’re a carbon neutral business and we’re taking all of our products carbon neutral too.

We’re not stopping there, we’ll keep innovating with our formulas and packaging to continually reduce their impact on the environment. We're also increasing our use of recycled materials to divert more waste away from landfills.

Join us on our journey to create kinder products that smell great too. Sam & Mike, Founders.