Oeko-Tex · Eco Friendly · Vegan · Responsibly Sourced · Biodegradable · Essential Oils

Give the gift of luxuriously scented laundry with our Cedarwood Laund ry Gift Set.

Includes a bottle of our Cedarwood Laundry Liquid and Cedarwood Fabric Conditioner, and our luxurious natural cotton laundry bag. Everything your loved one needs to feel like a part of the Wilton family.

Get that dirty laundry off your bedroom floor and stored away in our natural 100% oeko-tex certified cotton laundry bag. It’s big enough to fit your king size sheets and a few dirty undies.

50 x 75 cm


What can I use it for?

We like to take our laundry bag with us for long weekends away and trips abroad to tuck away our worn clothes so they don't get mixed up with our next killer outfit.

When we're changing over our bedlinen in the spring/winter, we like to store it away in our laundry bag, we have a one for each set of linens.