About Us

Sam Whigham Wilton London

Cleaning Up The Products You Use To Clean Your Home.

I've never liked the smell of home care products. Yes, they might smell better than a dirty home but they're also packed full of harsh chemicals that I don't like wafting around my home. 

The laundry aisle is no different. It's full of made up scents like 'Laundry Fresh' and 'Moonlight Harmony' - I mean, what the hell is 'Moonlight Harmony'. 

So we've made a laundry care range that actually smells like something you'd want to wear.We ditched a load of harsh chemicals and threw in some natural essential oils to create a laundry detergent that smells as good as a top notch cologne. 

But it's more than just smelling clean, I wanted a clean conscience too. That's why our formulas are designed to be kind to the environment.

Sam, Founder.



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