Eco Oxy Laundry Bleach, Stain Remover & Whitener

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Fragrance free · Biodegradable Formula · Mineral based · Eco-Friendly · Recyclable card tube · Chlorine & ammonia free

This lovely card pot is packed with some really clever stuff that will help keep your whites, white and give those stubborn laundry stains the heave-ho. Our chlorine and phosphate free formula is kind to the environment, readily biodegradable, vegan and doesn't contain any enzymes or optical brighteners. The only nasties going down your drain will be those pesky stains.

Includes a paper scoop (you may need to dig a little). 500g


Registered with Vegan Society

Our Eco Oxy Laundry Bleach, Stain Remover & Whitener is registered with the Vegan Society. That means the Vegan Society have checked we meet their strict standards. No GMO, no Animal derived ingredients and we don't test on animals (how could you!?)


It's really easy to use

Soak stained clothes in a mix of 5L of warm water and our laundry bleach before washing. Or, add to your normal wash for extra cleaning power. For best results, wash at 40oC or 60oC. It’s not suitable for wool, leather, or silk items. Follow garment guidelines. Store in cool and dry location. Follow dosage guide on container.


Our ingredients:

<30% Oxygen based bleaching agents*.*Natural origin.