5 star guest room tips

Christmas is fast approaching and your lovely house is about to be overrun by family and friends staying the night.

Here's our 5 tips to bring your guest room up to 5 star standards.


 Phone chargers

It's a scientific fact - we all forget a charger when we're traveling. Pop a spare one in your guest-room and they can thank you in emojis.


Wilton london bedroom phone charger



Light reading

Leave a couple of little books beside the bed. They're not going to read them but they'll be impressed you read War And Peace (even if you didn't).





A well hydrated guest is a happy guest. You've been topping up their glass all night, why stop when they go to bed? Pop a lovely carafe by their bed and they'll thank you when they wake up without a headache.


Hanging space

There's nothing worse than nowhere to hang your clothes when you're staying over. If your guest room is 'cosy', try one of these door hooks and a couple of coat hangers.





Wash Your sheets in Wilton

Ok, this one might be an obvious tip from us . . . fresh sheets . . . Wash your sheets in Wilton London laundry liquid and fabric conditioner. The lasting botanical scent will oooze luxury and might even tempt them to bed early. Win, Win.




I love your products wish you were in Scotland.


Beautiful products the little treats to make everyone happy


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