3 common kitchen counter stains and how to remove them

3 common kitchen counter stains and how to remove them

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Stains are a bit like an annoying neighbour... turn up uninvited, hard to get rid of and always overstay their welcome. 

You might be a little lost trying to figure out how to get stains out without damaging your counter top. You're not alone, did you know that over the last year cooking/baking stain removal was googled 2500x more than normal? That's a lot of Victoria sponges.

So we've put together a list of the most common kitchen counter stains, and what you need to get them out. 



How do I get coffee stains out?

There's nothing more heartbreaking than a spilt cup of coffee and to add salt to the wound, coffee can stain very quickly, especially on light colour surfaces like sealed marble. 

Blot it up with damp flannel to soak up the excess, and spray your surface cleaner onto the stain and let it sit for 5 minutes before wiping it up. Our multi-surface cleaners are PH balanced, meaning they're great for sealed stones surfaces like marble. But because there are so many different stones, do check a small area before going big. 

If you found your stain late, a handy tip is mixing a teaspoon of baking powder and water into a paste and covering the stain for 15 minutes to absorb and then wash away with warm water. This will help to lift dried out stains.

How do I get food grease stains out?

Grease stains can be tricky to see, but when they dry you'll be left with a very clear, very sticky stain that will continue to collect dirt and dust (yuck!) until thoroughly cleaned.

You'll need something that lathers up well so you can cut through the stickiness. Like an eco-friendly, extra lathery washing up liquid. A few drops of our biodegradable washing up liquid on your sponge will shift a stubborn grease stain right off your counter.

How do I get tomato sauce stains out?

If you have ever put tomato pasta in Tupperware you will know, tomato sticks and getting that red tint out can be a challenge.

To clean a tomato sauce stain off your counters, scrape away any solid remains and blot wet sauce with a cloth. A few sprays of surface cleaner will help to get rid of dried sauce. However, tomato sauce can leave a discoloured stain on counters. Here's the secret to removing those stains for good:

Try mixing a paste made of one teaspoon of Oxy Bleach (link here) and three teaspoons of water and cover the stained area. Leave for an hour and wash off with warm water.


What stains have you struggled to remove? Let us know in the comments below.

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