how to clean suede shoes

How to clean suede shoes

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Most people think dirty suede shoes are a bit of a lost cause. I mean, what are you supposed to do when a shoe you can’t get wet gets, well... wet? Don’t fret, we are professional myth-busters when it comes to cleaning, and guess what, there is a way to clean your suede shoes, and the trick for cleaning them is actually pretty simple.

One of the quickest ways to revitalise your suede shoes might already be sitting in your kitchen, it's small, rectangular and has a brother called Spongebob. You guessed it, it's our plastic free compostable sponges

Okay, so here’s what you need:

eco friendly plastic free compostable sponge

Revitalise your suede shoes

First things first, we want to get as much dirt off of your suede shoes as possible. Take our plastic free sponge (when dry) and use light strokes to brush out the surface. A handy tip when dealing with suede is to always brush WITH the grain (so go in the same direction the suede naturally sits)

How to deal with scuffs on your suede shoes

Scuffed suede usually means some of the fibres have flattened so you’ll want to apply a bit more pressure in these area, and use a swift back and forth motion with your compostable sponge to help raise the suede. No sponge to hand? That's okay, you can actually use any ordinary pencil eraser to buff out the scuffs without damaging your shoes.

How to clean stains off your suede shoes

You might think applying liquids to your suede shoes is criminal, but when done carefully, you can give them a whole new lease of life. We don’t recommend drenching your shoes in any liquid but rather carefully applying it to the stained area. Take your flannel cloth and spray our surface cleaner onto it, then gently dab the stained area. The aim here is to dampen the suede, not soak it.

Keep working on your stain and reapplying some amounts of either our gentle surface spray or your homemade vinegar and water solution where necessary.

Leave your shoes to dry completely, the liquids you used will have discoloured the shoes whist wet, but will return to normal when they’re completely dry. Once dried, grab your dry, trusty compostable sponge again and give your shoes a brush up so your suede fibres are all resting in the same direction.

These tips aren't reserved just for shoes you know, you can also apply them to suede handbags, jackets and accessories too.

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  • These suede tips are awesome! I’d never even heard of a lot of them! I am totally going to use this!


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