4 of the best air filtering house plants

4 of the best air filtering house plants

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We love houseplants! Not only do they make us feel warm and fuzzy inside, they're also so good at filtering the air in our home. As you sit there, they're soaking un carbon dioxide and a range of nasty toxic chemicals wafting around your home.

We might think because we're indoors, we're safe from car fumes and other nasty toxins. But in many cases, your home can act as a trap for these nasty chemicals brought in by open doors and windows. 

If you live in a city, this is almost certainly the case. But don't panic, mother nature has a solution and it's super easy. . . fill your home with house plants.

We've picked our favourite houseplants that look great, are easy to care for and are the best plants for filtering the air in your home.



These guys are hardcore air filtering plants. In fact, NASA reckons this is the best air filtering plant there is! Not only do they filter out toxic chemicals, they also help regulate healthy moisture levels. So it's a humidifier too!


areca palm plant non toxic



These little fellas love to munch away on toxic chemicals in the air - especially formaldehyde! The great thing we like about rubber plants is that they are really hardy and can sit in a window with full sun (which many plants like this hate). Careful - the leaves can be toxic to some animals. So if your fluffy friend is partial to plant leaves - avoid the rubber plant.


rubber plant air filtering cleans home air


3. Dracaena

We've had one of these for years! No matter how hard you try, it's near impossible to kill. It's also really high on NASA's top air purifying plants list. So if you're not green fingered, the easy to care for Dracaena is the air purifying plant for you.


dracaena house plant air purifying


4. The Swiss Cheese Plant

The cheese plant is having a resurgence. Not only does it add a tropical vibe to your home - it's also a toxin hoover. They're easy to grow and good humidity regulators too - so great for an air conditioned office.


cheese plant air purification home clean air


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