4 instagram stars that have cleaning and organising down to an art form

4 instagram stars that have cleaning and organising down to an art form


Who knew cleaning and organising would become the new favourite pass time of millions of people. Well, maybe not cleaning itself, but watching people clean has certainly become very popular on Instagram. If the popularity of Mrs Hinch proves anything, it's that we all love clean homes.

So here's a selection of 4 very different instagram cleaning and organising bloggers that will help you hack your way through the chores. 

The Organised Mum


We love watching Gemma, she's keeping it real. Her account is full of cleaning tips, organising tips and real life musings. It's not just about keeping a tip top home - it's also about not taking life too seriously. She doesn't really want to clean, she wants to clean smarter and less often - we get that!

Organised mum cleaning instagram wilton london


This Girl Can Organise


Nicola is a professional organiser. Literally. Not only is her blog brimming with organising and cleaning tips - you can actually hire Nicola to come and organise your home!


cleaning instagram this girl can organise wilton london


Queen Of Clean


You may recognise Lynsey from the Channel 4's, Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners. She loves to clean and share her tips to create a shiny home with ease. She's also a big promoter of positive mental health, which we love. She has kids too, so she knows a thing or two about the challenges of keeping your home tidy for more that 5 mins!


wilton london queen of clean lynsey


Marie Kondo


Marie lives in Japan. She is less about cleaning and more about organising. Serious organising! She can turn any mess into a satisfyingly organised piece of artwork. Adopt some of her techniques and you'll find it hard to make a mess in the first place.

She even has a show on Netflix! 

Marie condo wilton london cleaning organising




  • I love how down to Earth They are. they never let “fame” or the fact that they are in the public eye

    Amber on

  • Love all four of these guys

    den fellows on

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