Breeze through the dirty dishes with these washing-up tips

Breeze through the dirty dishes with these washing-up tips


Pulled the short straw on doing the washing up?

Don't worry, these washing-up hacks will get you out of the kitchen in no time.

1 - Running out of drying space? 

Lots of guests means lots more to wash up. If you run low on drying space, grab a clean oven rack and place it over your sink. Voilà!

wilton spare space sink washing up liquid essential oils

2 - Let it soak 

Another obvious one, but we can't stress how helpful this is. For any burnt on dishes, let them soak in a sink of hot water with our Washing-Up Liquid. The longer you can leave it, the more time the cleaning agents have to work. 

wilton eco washing up liquid cleaning

3 - Turn up the heat

Hot water makes a massive difference, but your hand might not thank you for it. So purchase a pair of high quality rubber gloves and wear them to wash up. This will allow you to turn the heat up a few notches and breeze though the washing.


4 - Cold Water

It's best to clean off milk based and starchy residue with cold water. The hot water can make it gummy and stick on.

5 - Sponge and sink combo

Run a hot sink with washing-up liquid under the tap. But for the best clean, add a drop of washing-up liquid to your sponge too. It really helps with grease and fats.

6 - Rinse

It seems obvious, but a lot of people don't. after washing in soapy water, rinse your dishes with fresh water - especially glasses.

wilton london eco friendly natural washing up liquid by sink

7 - Wilton London Washing-Up liquid.

Ok, this one might be obvious (to us). Use Wilton London Washing-up Liquids. They're naturally formulated and naturally scented. But that doesn't mean they're no tough on grime. Let them loose on your mountain of dishes, you'll be glad you did. 



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