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How to create a bee friendly garden?

We depend on our pollinator pals for a lot of things. Bees and birds pollinate 75% of the world's total crop production. Three out of four crops across the globe producing food depend on pollinators. But bees aren't only needed to pollinate food – we need them to pollinate the crops we use to make our botanical and plant based eco friendly cleaning products.
how to create a bee friendly garden
Habitat degradation, and nasty chemical pesticides are causing an alarming decline in natural pollinators across the world. World Bee Day 2021 is an opportunity to call for global cooperation and solidarity to make sure the threats posed to environmental degradation and the protection of pollinators are prioritised.
Wilton London wildflower seeds
We're giving away free wildflower seed packets in every order over the next four weeks to celebrate World Bee Day. Each packet contains a selection of UK native wildflowers like Cornflower, Poppies, Foxgloves, Blue Lupins and Gypsophila. There are enough seeds for approximately 1-2 sqm of eco friendly flowers in each pack.
What else can you do at home to help support the bees? Here are our essential tips on how to create a bee friendly garden.
1. Don't use pesticides. Try chemical free alternatives.
2. Select plants high in nectar and pollen.
3. Provide water access.
4. Choose fragrant flowers.
5. Plant your Wilton Wildflower Seeds!
In no time, our pollinator pals will be buzzing about your garden pollinating your botanical wonders.
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