How do I live an eco-friendlier, and more sustainable lifestyle?

How do I live an eco-friendlier, and more sustainable lifestyle?


Living an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult, it can start with a few small changes that really can go a long way. We asked our customers for their favourite eco tips and we’ve pulled them together to help you on the road to embracing an eco-friendlier home living routine:

  1. Leaving your electric appliances on standby wastes needless electricity, hit the off switch and you’ll start to see the difference in your bills.
  2. Reusable kitchen towels, wax food wraps and a water filter will help limit the waste of single use products.
  3. Reuse boxes for arts and crafts activities for children, teach the next generation how to be creative
  4. Learn how to Eco Brick with plastic bottles and get creative with their usage, such as building fences, underground support for patios and other weatherproof items.
  5. Upcycle old containers into new planter pots that can be used for plants or growing your own veg.
  6. Pre plan your meals to batch cook and freeze your leftovers, this will reduce the amount of gas and electricity you use when cooking.
  7. Reuse old coffee grounds in a mix with olive oil or coconut oil as a body scrub.
  8. Buy loose veg, plastic wrapped veg is an unnecessary use of plastic
  9. Start your own compost bin/heap at home and let nature takes its course so you can give it right back
  10. Turn old clothes into quilted blankets and donate to charity or the homeless
  11. Reusable cotton pads are a great way to reduce single use items, especially for removing makeup
  12. Smart meters can help you track your usage at home and keep on an eye on your spend.

eco friendly surface spray









But what about cleaning?

Whether you’re looking to give your whole house a good scrub or you just want to freshen things up a bit, you don’t need a host of nasty chemicals to get the job done. There are plenty of eco-friendly ways to clean your home, and it’s worth your while to explore them so you can ditch harsh cleaners.

  1. Try our Eucalyptus surface cleaner, it’s a gentle, plant-based formula, which is packed full of lovely fragrant essential oils, will help you keep your home looking clean, and smelling fresh too.
  2. Use baking soda as a natural deodoriser, great for removing any lingering smells in your carpet and rugs, just don’t forget to vacuum it up.
  3. Did you know our Lemon Myrtle Glass Cleaner is also great for cleaning stainless steel without leaving behind any streaks?

Give these a try next time you’re ready to freshen up your home to see what a difference a little eco-ingenuity can make.


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