Spring Cleaning & Decorating Tips To Brighten Up Your Home

Spring Cleaning & Decorating Tips To Brighten Up Your Home


Refresh your home with Rockett St George, and these key tips on how to make Spring work for you.

There are so many things you can do to achieve a fabulous spring interior from cleaning to decorating and much more. So, read below to find out the best ways to clean your home in style whilst being eco-friendly!


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Firstly, you’ll want to start by de-cluttering your space. De-cluttering is an essential part of your spring clean for so many reasons. Moreover, once you have tidied up your space, you can then do a good deep clean. We believe that a tidy space equals a tidy mind, so this step is so imperative. Even if you don't want to make a huge transformation, changing a few things around gives the feeling of a fresh start. Even better, getting rid of unwanted clothes, or furniture will make space for only things you adore in your home. Lastly, to do this in an environmentally friendly way, you can re-gift, re-sell and donate to charity to get the decluttering process of to a great start. This will ensure you have a starting point for getting organised and beautifully clean.

Tidy Away

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Once you have reduced your unwanted clutter, you can start to tidy things away ready for the summer months. This includes swapping out your heavy warm winter wear for lighter linens and perhaps a refresh of your soft furnishings such as cushions and throws. If you are looking for something to elevate your spring interior, some ravishing Rockett St George soft furnishings will seamlessly transform your space. This is a quick and easy way to introduce something new in any room.

Before you put away your winter fabrics, you’ll want to give them a clean. Kind to the environment and even kinder to your fabrics, the Wilton Laundry Range is perfect for washing your key pieces all year round. The beautiful botanical scents of the Laundry Liquid and Fabric Conditioner will leave your clothes and sheets smelling wonderfully fresh and spring-ready. So what’s not to love?!

Store & Save Space

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When you are doing a spring clean, you’ll want to make sure that you have the right storage for the job! Whatsmore, why not pick some fabulously functional storage solutions which make the task of tidying away all the more satisfying and stylish too. From showcasing your glassware to hiding away your clothes and knick-knacks, everyone deserves a dazzling cabinet that is both practical and stunning. So, whether you are looking for something modern or timeless, it’s always a good idea treat yourself to a unique piece of storage we say! You can shop storage solutions for any space here.

Clean, Clean, Clean!

It’s time for a deep clean…but fear not! With the right products, cleaning your home is the best part! Introducing a calming smell of nature into the home, there are so many reasons why the Wilton Cleaning Range embraces the joy of cleaning and caring for the environment.

Using the Eucalyptus or Grapefruit Multi Surface Cleaner and the Plastic Free Sponges, you can start to scrub your counters and tabletops for an instant refresh. This is the perfect way to sanitise your home and give it a lovely scent, all whilst being eco-conscious. For a deeper clean on harsher surface stains, you can go in with some warm water, your eco sponge and the wonderful Eucalyptus or Grapefruit Washing Up Liquids. These liquids are great multi-use products and are perfect for keeping next to the kitchen sink. Finally, use the Lemon Glass Cleaner to wipe your mirrors, windows and to remove streaks from your taps to glimmering perfection!

Decorate With Key Pieces


It wouldn't be a revamp without adding something show-stopping to your space! Moreover, this is the perfect time to curate a new zone in your home that you will want to spend time in. Whether you've always wanted to design a feature wall, fill up a cabinet of curiosities or reimagine your workspace, a spring clean is an ideal time to do this. So, using a few new accessories, you can seamlessly transform any corner and inject personality into something that was once overlooked.

Going into the warmer months, it’s a good idea to keep your interior looking open, calming and tranquil. To achieve this, pick a colour that makes you happy from the moment you walk into a room. For example, green is perfect for spring as it conjures the feeling of nature and you can pair it with glorious plants and additional ornaments for a quirky yet harmonious look. If you are clearing out your workspace, remember to keep it simple whilst including pieces that inspire. Above all, don’t forget to have fun with your styling as if you love the space, you will naturally spend more time in it!

We hope you have enjoyed these simple home cleaning tips and it inspires you to refresh your home going into spring!


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