Did you know roughly 400 million plastic sponges are thrown away every year? That’s just the UK!

Did you know roughly 400 million plastic sponges are thrown away every year? That’s just the UK!


Almost all of which are made from non-recyclable plastic, which will take hundreds or thousands of years to decompose naturally, and worse yet, they’re treated with harsh chemicals. These chemicals combined with the nylon and polyester parts of the average household sponge will break down in microplastics. Leaking out into our waterways, and soil and causing further damage to our already fragile environment.

So what’s the solution?

Wilton Plastic Free Sponges

We’re super excited to announce our latest product, a plastic free, eco-friendly sponge. Our clever little sponges are made from responsibly sourced wood fibres (yes, wood) and act as a fantastic eco-conscious replacement for plastic sponges. No microplastics or petrochemicals.

eco friendly sponge by sink

Biodegradable and compostable

Not only are our sponges plastic free, but they’re biodegradable and compostable too. That means you can cut them up and pop them in your compost or compost caddy. They should degrade in 3-6 months in your compost. Clever, eh?

Super absorbent 

Our sponges are super absorbent, and durable, they’ll drink up any spills you throw at them. Packaged in a plastic free box, we’ve sourced our card using accredited and managed, farmed forests, all of which can be widely recycled. They arrive dried, almost hard, so give them a rinse and squeeze under a tap before first use. The sponges will dry hard but a drink of water will soften them back up again and again.

 sponge and washing up liquid

Pop them in the dishwasher

When your sponges get a bit grubby, pop them into the top drawer of your dishwasher. They’ll come out refreshed and ready to take on another bowl of wash-up up.

It’s important to remember plastic is a great material when it is recyclable used responsibly. But we don’t think non recyclable plastic sponges are a responsible use of the material – which is exactly whey we created a better alternative.

The Wilton London Eco-Friendly, Plastic Free Sponges are available now for £3.50 for a pack of two.


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