White t-shirt suncream stains

Removing pesky sun cream stains from your clothes


It's been a hot summer so you should have been lathering on the sun cream. If you've been looking after your skin, your white clothes are probably full of yellowy stains around the collars and arms.

These guys are really tough to get rig of. The main culprit is an ingredient found in almost every sun cream. It's called 'Butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane' (try pronouncing that after a couple of glasses of sangria).


sun cream romoval from clothes

It's one of the main active ingredients in just about every suncream. It does a great job of protecting you from the suns harmful rays - so we should still continue to use it. But, it's tough to wash off your clothes because is reacts with the iron in our water and creates yellowy / orange stains - those stains are essentially rust which makes them a pain to get rid of.

The usual stain removers are likely to make it worse. Sounds crazy but their ingredients may mix with the chemicals in the sun cream and accelerate the 'rusting' process which makes it even harder to make them vanish.

The good news is, we have a tip to help you banish these pesky little stains naturally. White tees being demoted to duster rags will be a thing of the past with these stain busting tips.

Lemons stain removal tip

Lemon and Salt

All you'll need is Lemon and Salt, yep, that's it. But the process is important.


Flush the stained area and the rest of the garment with cool clean water.



Squidge a squeeze of lemon juice directly on the stains.



Lay your beloved white tee flat and pour salt over the lemon juice.



Leave for a few hours or overnight, but no longer.



Brush away the salt, apply our Laundry Liquid directly to the stain just before popping in the wash as normal at 30/40 degrees C.


You might need to do this twice, but after a little effort, Viola! 

If something delicate is stained, you may be best taking it to an expert at you local eco-friendly dry cleaners.




  • Does this work on other pale colours or will it bleach them?

    Claire on

  • Nice tip. This has saved one of my fave white t- shirts. And love your laundry range!

    Sally P on

  • I’ve tried this, it works!

    James on

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