How to get Beer Clean glassware?

How to get Beer Clean glassware?


The last thing anyone wants when they go for a cheeky pint after work, is to get handed a cloudy bubbly glass of beer, and as your resident experts on all things clean and sparkly, we’re offering a helping hand to everyone in need of a 'Beer Clean' glass.

What is Beer Clean?

Beer Clean means your glass “is free of any impurities that would give CO2 a place to cling to, ensuring the beer’s best look and taste”. The Brewer’s Association Draught Beer Quality Manual (try saying that after a few pints, am I right?) defines a beer clean glass as: "Forming a proper foam head, allows lacing during consumption, and never shows patches of bubbles stuck to the side of the glass in the liquid beer”.

Now, I know what your thinking, why should I listen to my favourite eco cleaning company about beer? Well, here’s the thing, you shouldn’t. That’s why we’ve teamed up with our good friends at Toast Ale to teach you how to get Beer Clean standards for your glassware at home.

Here are a few tips to help get your home glassware as sparkly, and pint ready as possible:

  1. Dedicated Beer Glasses.

    Using glassware for any and all liquids can leave residue even after a thorough clean, so if your glassware is used for milk, juices and other alcoholic beverages you’re going to have to scrub extra hard to make sure there’s no residue before pouring your beer. This can contaminate the beer and cause bubbles to stick to the side of your glass, not cute.

  2. Rinse, Rinse, Rinse Again

    Multiple rinses are important for removing any fat or oil-based liquids from your glasses. Start by rinsing your glass in hot water with a few drops of your washing up liquid, we might be biased, but our Wilton Eucalyptus Washing Up Liquid would be perfect for this, it’s gentle but effective and lathers up plenty to help you get any muck off.

  3. Sponges and Scrubbers are your new best friends

    Second, scrub the entire glass, (in and out and don’t forget the bottom too) with a scrubber or sponge, our clever little plastic free compostable sponges are perfect for the job. They’re super long lasting and lather up really well.

    Rinse with cold water, this will cut through all the suds and leave your glass clean as a whistle.

  4. Dry Out

    Air dry your glass and give it a wipe down after with a clean microfibre cloth to make sure the inside hasn’t retained any water.

  5. What Angle?

    Okay here’s the bit you’ve been waiting for, pour your beer at a forty-five degree angle so you don’t get too heavy of a head and enjoy a Beer Clean quality drink.

Toast Ale
are calling for change to our food system, to make it better for people and the planet.

Their Rise Up Series of limited-edition beers is brewed with surplus fresh bread and in collaboration with fellow B Corp’s. These beers have been released in the countdown to COP26. Each beer tells a part of the story of our food system and celebrates ways to fix it. Food production is the biggest impact humans have on the planet, but one-third of all food is wasted, and millions of people don't have enough to eat. The system is broken, but we can fix it.

All profits go to the charity Feedback to support environmental campaigning work.


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