What flowers are poisonous to dogs?

What flowers are poisonous to dogs?


You might've met our Wilton mascot, Ted, he's an essential cog in the Wilton machine, and as a B Corp business that's committed to being cruelty free we're always thinking about what we bring into our home and around Ted.

Whilst our lovely eco friendly products and biodegradable formulas are safe to be around your pet, there's a few flowers that are best kept away from our beloved furry friends.

What flowers are toxic to dogs?

Some popular garden flowers that are poisonous to dogs include:

  • Azalea, Buttercups, Chrysanthemums, Gardenias, Gladiolas, Hibiscus, Hyacinth, Hydrangeas, Mums, Primroses, Rhododendrons, and Sweet Peas.

That's just another good reason to keep your dogs away from your neighbours award-winning flower bushes.

What flowers are safe for your dogs to be around?

You can still have a beautiful garden if you have a dog as many plants pose no threat to dogs, they include:

  • Snapdragons, Daisies, Camellias, Roses, Sunflowers, Silverberry, Knapweeds, Touch-Me-Nots and Calendula.

Are Essential Oils derived from plants and flowers harmful to dogs?

Essential oils in their concentrated form would be harmful to anyone if they drank them, but lucky for you, the essential oils in our formulas are at much lower concentrations making them safe to be around you and your lovely pet.

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