Make your laundry routine more sustainable

Make your laundry routine more sustainable

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It’s no secret that energy bills have soared but there are ways that you can cut your energy usage all whilst helping the planet at the same time!

From changing when you do the washing to turning the temperature of your wash down, we’ve put together some useful tips and tricks to make your laundry time as effective as possible.


Wash less 

The easiest way to have a more sustainable wash up routine is to do your wash up less often. In fact, only running full loads of laundry could save you up to 45KG of carbon dioxide emissions a year. 

Don't worry, we don't expect you to go running around with dirty socks every day. But even something as simple as following the 'three rule' (three wears before you wash) or spritzing your clothes with water will do wonders. 


Freeze it

There are other ways to freshen up your clothes.

Pop your jeans in the freezer for 24 hours, it will kill off bacteria causing smells and help your retain their shape and colour. The same all sorts of items that sometimes just need a light clean or freshen up.


Smart tumble drying

Can tumble dryers help you be more eco - yes!

As you probably know, tumble dryers use a lot of energy. But 15 mins on a low heat uses much less energy than a full wash. So if you have some items that could do with a freshen up (e.g.wooly jumper that's been stored in a drawer, pair or trousers, blazer), resist the temptation to put them in the wash and instead put them on for a quick, low tumble. They will come out fresh as a daisy.


Only use what you need 

Do you free pour detergent into the machine drawer? You're not alone.

Of course, when you're using scents as delicious as Cedarwood or Jasmine in your laundry, it's easy to go overboard. But you really should measure it out and use dosage guidelines. Trust us, using too much does not help you get a better clean.

If you think your load might be a tough one, try adding a little detergent straight onto the stains - that will help more than putting half a bottle in the wash.


Go for short and cold washes 

Long and high-temperature washes are the biggest culprit for unsustainable wash ups. Don't worry, it's super quick to fix. Just turn your machine down to 30 degrees to save up to 60% your carbon footprint (yes, really) with each wash. 

Short washes can help too. But don't over load or make it a short wash when it's a heavily soiled load. It becomes a false economy because if you undercook it or overload it, chances are the clean won't be good enough and you'll want to wash them again - and there's nothing eco about that.


Choose your laundry liquid wisely 

Of course, one of the best ways to have a sustainable wash up routine is to make your laundry liquid eco-friendly. For example, our Laundry Liquid and Fabric Conditioner is formulated with plant-based ingredients and made in the UK, lessening our carbon footprint as a whole and helping you avoid some nasty chemicals.


Avoid Micro-plastic

Did you know many laundry detergents and conditioners contain micro-plastics?

It's crazy, but try. These are usually in the form of either 'optical brighteners' or 'micro-encapsulated' fragrances. The latter is technology that allows brands to put their fragrances into tiny little balls that stick to your laundry and when dry, they break, giving off a lasting scent. But those little balls, are made of plastic! and there's no way they're going to get recycled.

To avoid this, you have to ask a brand directly - 'Do you use micro-encapsulated fragrances?'


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