How to remove red wine stains?

How to remove red wine stains?

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How to remove red wine stains from laundry.

Hands up, how many times have you spilled red wine on your clothes? It's ok, we've all ruined a tee (or 12?) with red wine stains, next time it happens, because there's always a next time, try out these handy tips and let's get those stains lifted Wiltoners.

1. Act quick! this is the most important part, whatever you do to fix the stain, do it as quickly as possible. When the stain has dried, it will be so much harder to remove.

2. Press a paper towel against the stained fabric to soak up as much of the excess wine as you can. Don’t rub when you’re doing this, as you could work the wine further into the fabric by accident.

3. Forget white wine, it really doesn't do much. But once you've soaked up most of the red wine, flush the stain under a cold running tap. Then keep the fabric moist until you're ready to really tackle the stain.

4. Mix two scoops of our Eco Friendly Oxy Bleach Stain Remover with one scoop of water to create a paste that you can spread over the stained area. Leave the mixture to rest for 30 minutes. In this case, use warm water, it helps activate the natural ingredients.
5. Before popping into the wash, you can add some of our eco laundry detergent directly to the stain. Our formulas are gentle but effective Biodegradable Laundry Range, they're also eco-friendly, derived from plants, super fragrant and packed full of essential oils.
6. Stick the stained fabric into the wash with another scoop of our eco friendly oxy bleach (or even two), always double check your garment labels too. 40 degrees should do the job. The extra bit of heat will help our eco laundry bleach and stain remover work, but it's not hot enough to set the stain in any further.
Try air drying your fabrics, only tumble-dry or iron the item if the stain is entirely gone – Again, high heat can set any traces of the stain, so hang or air-dry the item if possible.

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  • I absolutely your

    grapefruit multi-surface cleanser.

    I have to say your comments about white wine ‘not doing much’ are in my experience not true at all though! White wine and white wine vinegar are the only things to get out most stains, I’ve found in recent years (baking soda as an extra but white wine vinegar is superb). These are my go-to for red wine stains and nothing else works as well…

    Isabella Woods on

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