How to use oxygen bleach in your home cleaning?

How to use oxygen bleach in your home cleaning?


Oxygen Bleach, or maybe Oxi, or Oxy? A product that goes by many names is taking the cleaning industry by storm, including our very own Wilton customers as one of the most consistently bought items within our range of eco friendly cleaning products. But what is it?

Oxygen bleach is a gentle bleaching agent that help to removes stains and brightens your laundry. It's safe to use on almost all types of washable white or coloured fabrics. It's less corrosive and damaging than it's chlorine bleach counterpart and it's so much more environmentally friendly. 

Here are a couple ways you can use our Oxy Bleach:


Need to get rid of a stain or just brighten up your favourite white tee? Grab a tub, and soak your clothes in a mix of 5L of warm water and our laundry bleach. This will act as a boost to your regular detergent when it goes into your washing machine. Oxygen bleach can be used in any water temperature. If the water is exceptionally cold, some powders may not dissolve easily so mix the powder with a cup of very warm or hot water first. 

In The Washer

You can also add our powder oxy bleach directly to your washer, in either a top or front loaded washing machine. For the best results, wash at 40oC or 60oC. Remember, Oxy Bleach is not suitable for wool, leather, or silk items. We recommend following your garment guidelines.

On Grout

Mix three tablespoons of oxygen bleach with two gallons of warm water in a bucket. Use a cloth or sponge to apply the solution to grout lines. Let it sit for 15 minutes. Rinse with clean water.

Remove labels from jars

Fill your sink with hot water and add a scoop of oxygen bleach. Mix thoroughly before soaking the jars in the solution for an hour. When you return, the labels should be released and are maybe even floating in the water. If not, use a cloth to loosen them from the glass.

Our Eco Oxy Bleach is chlorine and phosphate free, it's formula is kind to the environment, readily biodegradable, vegan and doesn't contain any enzymes or optical brighteners.


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