What should I clean when someone gets sick?

What should I clean when someone gets sick?


It’s only natural to want to keep any illnesses from spreading around your home, whether it’s the sniffles, a nasty stomach bug or fever. By taking a few precautions, you can nip that bug in the bud.

We’ve all been a little extra cautious over the last year with our hygiene, especially when heading out of the home, but what about inside our homes? What should we be cleaning on a regular basis when someone in our home gets sick.

Things to clean when someone in your home gets sick

  • Bed Linens and Towels – Change your linens and pillowcases daily and give them a nice hot wash to get rid of those germs. Hand towels too, especially those in the bathroom. Our eco-friendly laundry liquid and conditioner will keep your linens soft and supple even after multiple washes. On a sunny day, hang your washing out to dry, the suns UV rays are a great eco way to eliminate bacteria.
  • Rubbish bins – A breeding ground for germs, especially when a bin is brimming with dirty tissues and other used hygiene products. Once emptied carefully, which we recommend doing multiple times a day, be sure to give the bin itself a clean. Add a drop of our washing up liquid to your sponge, and some water of course, to give your bin a hearty scrub down. The smell of our essential oils packed products will help to freshen up your space, and leave your bins clean as a whistle.

High touch surfaces and how to clean them

  • Doors, Drawers, Taps and Handles – We touch more than just the handle when passing through or by doors, make sure you’re giving them a hearty wipe down with a surface cleaner to wash away any wayward germs and bacteria. Essential oils like the ones in our Eucalyptus Multi-Surface spray, are known to carry natural anti-bacterial properties to help clean your home. Don’t forget other often touched (and sometimes forgotten) areas too, like fridge handles, oven knobs, coffee machines, and light switches.
  • Remotes, TVs and small electronic devices – Electronics are tricky, with all their crevices, you’re bound to find a ton of nasties on these household items. You can’t just chuck these into the wash or spray them down either in case of water damage, a very gentle touch is required.Use a microfibre cloth with a small amount of surface cleaner on it to remove dust and dirt from screens. Check out our full guide to cleaning electronics for more detailed tips on how to clean them.

Wilton Tip:

Try not to use the same cleaning cloth or brush as you’ve used in a previous room, you don’t want to carry any germs from a different surface onto another.

How to disinfect your bathroom

  • If you only have a few minutes to clean whilst caring for someone, tackle the two most used spots in a bathroom, the toilet and sink. Hit the sink with your surface cleaner, plus taps and handles, and the surrounding countertop. Your toilet seat will need a little more care, making sure you wipe away both the top of the seat and below, and the bowl.

A handy, and simple tip for your whole house, open a window. Even if it’s only for a few minutes it’s so important to get fresh air in your home and circulate the nasties, floating around, out. Especially in frequently used rooms, like the bathroom.

And don’t forget the most accessible surface to you, your hands. Remember Wiltoners, wash your hands regularly, and you’ll stave off that nasty bug.


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