Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas

Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas


At Wilton, we're always trying to do our bit to help the planet, our lovely, fragrant eco-friendly cleaning products are just a start when it comes to reducing waste and our impact on the environment.

Christmas has always been a time to indulge and live it just a bit larger than normal, and there's nothing wrong with a bit of splashing out, but when we Wiltoners do it, we want to do it as green as we can.

Did you know, in a recent Biffa investigation, it's estimated that the UK sends around 100 million rubbish bags to landfill over the festive period? And this doesn’t include the 125,000 tonnes of discarded plastic food wrapping (that's a lot of pigs in blankets). There are a few simple tricks for having a more green, and eco-friendly Christmas when it comes to decorating, but what gift giving?

We've put together a list of great gifts from some of our favourite sustainable brands just in time for Christmas.

1. Pai Skincare 

Pai is one of our favourite ethical brands, they are vegan trademark certified, cruelty free, and accredited by the Soil Association. Their products are made using responsibly sourced ingredients and come in recyclable packaging.

Wilton Gift Recommendation: Everyday Essentials Kit

2. Rubies in the Rubble

Take your eco-warrior friends’ cheese boards and boxing day sandwiches to the next level with this relish gift set from Rubies in the Rubble. All of the fruit and vegetables used are sourced directly from British farmers, and would otherwise go to waste because they are too small, large, misshapen or blemished to be sold elsewhere.

Wilton Gift Recommendation: Relish Gift Set

3. Duvet Hog

Duvethog's vegan-down duvets comes from recycled PET plastic water bottles. They spin it like candyfloss and keep folding until each duvet is soft, light and fluffy. Just like a cloud. All done in their eco-factory, which uses 100% renewable energy and produces zero waste. Talk about being Green.

Wilton Gift Recommendation: Vegan Eco-Friendly Duvet

4. Toast Ale

A fellow B Corp we love, Toast use surplus bread to replace barley to make their beers. Which means they use less land, water and energy, and avoid excess carbon emissions when creating their amazing range of products.

Wilton Gift Recommendation: Bottles Gift Case

5. Wilton London

Okay, hear us out, we might be a bit biased but, introducing someone you love to amazing smelling laundry is a pretty special gift in our eyes. With our biodegradable, vegan certified formulas packed full of essential oils, you'll definitely end up on your friends nice list after gifting them some Wilton.

Wilton Gift Recommendation: Cedarwood Laundry Gift Set with Laundry Bag

What's your go-to gift for loved ones?

Let us know in the comments below!


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