How to have a green, eco-friendly Christmas

How to have a green, eco-friendly Christmas


Christmas has always been the season of indulgence and splashing out, but we can all play a part in helping to ensure that the season of excess does not put a strain on our environment (or our wallets 👀).

Consumers are planning to be more eco conscious this year than ever, so what can we do to have an extra festive, extra eco Christmas?

Here are our top seven tips for making your Christmas just a little bit more green:

  1. Rent A Tree

    For the past few years, we’ve avoided buying a one-off tree, and opted for a rented live Christmas tree that will be returned and replanted for use next year. 
  1. Wrap gifts with recycled and recyclable wrapping paper or use fabric

    Although most paper can be recycled, wrapping paper usually contains plastic, foil and glitter that cannot be recycled and has to go into the bin.

    Fortunately, there are PLENTY of eco alternatives that you can use to reduce waste in your home at Christmas.

    Here are our top picks:

     - Recycled/Recyclable Wrapping Paper

     - Fabric Wrapping

     - Plastic Free Gift Bags

  1. Wrap without plastic tape

    Cellotape and other plastic based tapes will always end up in a landfill as they cannot be recycled. But you can wrap your gifts without using tape and by using some very clever folding.

    Try out this folding technique to replace plastic tape:

    How To Wrap Gifts Without Tape

  2. Switch to LED lights

    Choose LED strings of lights for your Christmas tree or outdoor decorations. LEDs use nearly 90 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs. Although they may cost more to purchase, you can easily make up the savings over the life of the bulbs. Compared to incandescents, LED lights also run cooler than, making them a safer option (i.e. reducing fire risk), are more durable, and stay lit up to 10 times longer.

  3. Make your own Christmas decorations:

    Forget the plastic decorations and buying expensive trendy pieces and decorate your home with this super simple but stylish garland using string, oranges, cloves and cinnamon - it will smell divine!

    Check out our decorations we made for our office Christmas tree.

  4. Send reusable cards

    Plantable cards are growing in popularity. Wildflower Papers has a brilliant range of seed packet cards that you can send to your loved one, who can then sow them in the spring.

  5. Skip the disposables

    This year, use fabric napkins and tablecloths that can be washed and used again, this will help to reduce the amount of single use products you buy. Plus, you can give them a wash in our Cedarwood Laundry Liquid to fill your home with warmth over Christmas.

What are your go-to eco-friendly tips for the Christmas period?

Let us know in the comments below.


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