8 tips to make your home 'Guest Ready'

8 tips to make your home 'Guest Ready'


It's time Wiltoners, cleaning kits at the ready, all hands on deck(ing), we've got guests on their way.

Last year we couldn't see our favourite people, but this year, you better believe we're seeing them and treating them to a 5 star experience. Sometimes it's the simple things that go a long way towards making your guests feel extra special and comfy. 

The joy of hosting others is in spending time together over good meals and great conversation, so don’t let the preparations of it all stress you out! Check off these 8 things quickly and you’ll be ready to make your guests feel right at home.

  1. Create space

    Some guests like to unpack a little to feel more at home. Whether or not they prefer to live out of their suitcases, having a clear shelf, or drawer available to put their smaller bits and bobs like their books or PJs is certainly helpful.

  2. Keep your guests hydrated

    No one wants a dehydrated guest, try popping a reusable water bottle by their bedside table for the duration of their stay.

    Circular & Co make incredible reusable water bottles that are made from 14 single use plastic bottles. At 600ml, your guests won’t dry up like a raisin.

  3. Give your guests choice

    When you guests arrive and are shown to their bedroom, make sure to have lots of pillows available so that they can choose how many they want to use. We recommend providing a combo of a synthetic pillow and down pillow. Synthetic is great for people who want to sleep on a cool pillow, and down is ideal for those who like it a bit warmer.

  4. All the linens please

    Tell your guests where you keep your extra linens so that they can grab them as they please. It’ll save you both time, throw an extra blanket on the bed if they arrive late at night and don’t want to rummage around looking for linens.

  5. Don't forget about the tech

    Everyone travels with a suitcase full of gadgets these days. Help out by plugging in a long power strip for your guests’ phone chargers and laptops.

  6. Stay connected

    Place a note card with the Wi-Fi password and leave it on the nightstand too. Trust us, those gibberish passwords can easily get mixed up.

  7. Communication is key

    A few simple things that often go unsaid can clear up a lot of hassle for you and your guests. Make sure to let them know exactly where they'll be staying, and what to expect. When you might have plans and they'll need to fend for themselves, and where the hidden bar of chocolate is for when they feel peckish.

  8. Clean up on the home aisle

    Nothing says 'welcome' more than a clean home, so make sure your checklist is all ticked off:

     - Bed linen washed in our Cedarwood or Jasmine Eco Friendly Laundry Liquid?
     - Mysterious stains removed with our Oxy Bleach?
     - Windows and mirrors left streak free after using our Lemon Myrtle Glass Cleaner? (it works great on stainless steel too fyi)
     - Bedside tables wiped down with our Eucalyptus or Grapefruit surface cleaner?

Above all, remember that it is the attention you show to your guests that matters more than the food, the house, or the plans. Make them feel special, we all love to feel treated every once in a while.

What do you do to get your home 'guest ready'? Let us know in the comments below.


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