The Secret Linen Store

The Secret Linen Store


As you might already know, I love our bedsheets to smell amazing. We change them every Friday (ok, most Fridays) and it's my favourite day, not just because it's the start of the weekend but I also love crawling into freshly changed sheets.

The thing is, we spend so much time in bed, in fact I don't think we spend more time anywhere else. So it's really worth investing in a good bed, with a good mattress and a few good sets of bedsheets.

Last week I met up with the brilliant Molly from - Basically we're in love with their bedsheets. They use the most amazing fabrics and the quality is off the scale.

When your sheets are this good - it's worth looking after them. So we're helping out with our best advice on keeping their sheets in mint condition.

Head over to see our first post.

Link: Introducing Wilton London. A fresh approach to laundry.

P.s. There will be more to come.

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