What is B-Corp Month?

What is B-Corp Month?


From the beginning Wilton’s been about more than just cleaning products. We’ve been about change.  

Changing the way people clean their homes (from harsh chemicals to environmentally kind products), changing the way we measure success and changing what it means to be a company for good.  

In 2020, Wilton became a B-Corp — scrutinising every aspect of our business to reduce our impact on the environment and improve the lives of our people.  

This March kicks off B-Corp month, a time to celebrate our fellow companies putting the people and planet before profit, building better businesses and redefining success, too. Here’s all that’s going on and how to get involved.  

How did B-Corp Start? 

B-Corp was started in 2006 with the non-global profit organisation “B Lab” — aimed at giving companies the opportunity show their commitment to balancing people and the planet with profit. Since then they’ve grown from 82 B-Corps to over 4,000 across spanning across 70+ countries.  

What is a B-Corp?  

A B-Corp is an accreditation awarded to businesses that meet the highest standards of social and environmental impact. In short, B Corps do things differently. We have a ‘triple bottom line’ that puts the value we add to people’s lives and planet on the same table as profit.  

How do you become a B-Corp? 

To become a B-Corp you must prove your business adheres to the highest standards of transparency and accountability. The B-Corp assessment is quite rigorous if we’re honest. But for good reason. Businesses are assessed on 5 key impact areas, here's how Wilton commits to each:   

→ Governance 

We're in it for the long run, setting up a business designed for longevity and fairness — not just quick wins 

→ Wiltoners First  

Only producing products that have a positive impact on our customers’ lives (like botanical scents without any harsh chemicals, for example) and keeping you apart of our journey

→ Team

Taking care of the people that bring Wilton to life 

→ Environment 

Putting the planet first in everything we do. From the way we work in our office to manufacturing, sourcing our ingredients and packaging — we're constantly taking steps to reduce our impact on the environment

→ Community  

Making all of our products in the UK and being apart of the community we do business in. Working with charities and organisations that are changing the world for good

What’s on for B-Corp Month?  

Good question. Every B-Corp will be showing up in their own way to shout about what being a people before profit company means to them. On our end, we’ll be partnering with some of our favourite B-Corp brands for an exciting giveaway (stay tuned on our Instagram 😉) and sharing lots of behind-the-scenes of how Wilton came to be.  

Happy B-Corp Month,  

Team Wilton 


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