London Fashion Week: how to wash your favourite fashion trends

London Fashion Week: how to wash your favourite fashion trends


London Fashion Week Wash-up 

Haw to wash the latest fashion trends from London Fashion Week 

London Fashion Week is one of the most iconic events to hit the capital, and this year is no exception. We didn’t get an invite 😢 but we’ve been eyeing up all the amazing outfits. 

From bright neons to ‘spaghetti strap’ chic, there’s a few trends that are taking over the runway for 2022, and of course, eventually, they’ll need a good wash.   

Here’s how to wash the latest fashion trends — like a Wiltoner.  

How to wash loose denim? 



Not only is denim not going anywhere, they’re getting even looser too! (win) But how do you...wash them?  

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to wash your denim that often, around every three wears should do.  

To handwash, turn your loose jeans inside out (this helps prevent fading) and fill your sink with lukewarm water. Add a little bit of detergent to the mix (under 15 ml will do) like our Cedarwood Laundry Liquid and let your denim jeans soak for about a half an hour. Gently rub the fabric together for around 4 minutes, paying particular attention to any spots.  

Then simply fill up the sink up again with fabric conditioner and leave your jeans to soak for around 15 minutes. Turn them right out to dry.    

Remember, denim jeans are a sensitive bunch; so make sure you machine wash them on a gentle cycle with the coldest water option. Skip the tumble dryer and air-dry after. If they’re a bit stiff, you can pop them in the dryer after air drying, for 10 mins or so.  




From zesty yellows to futuristic mini dresses, neon's are here to stay. Here’s how to care for your juicy colours.  

The most important thing with neon clothes is to keep their bright colours intact (don’t want to lose that pop!). Again, turn your neon's inside out and make sure you blot treat any stubborn liquid spills before washing.  

Machine washing works fine for most neons, but keep it on a gentle cycle with cold water. Make sure you’re only washing them with similar bright colours too.  

This is where our Oxy Bleach comes in as it’ll help remove all those pesky stains and keep those colours nice and fresh (unlike chlorine, Oxygen won’t bleach your clothes).   

Tag team it with our Laundry Liquid and Fabric Conditioner range and you’ll be good to go. Our fabric conditioner is particularly good at helping to maintain colour and even helps repair natural fibres – plus, a little goes a long way. 

Spaghetti Straps 


If you thought Spaghetti Straps were SO 2003 — you’re wrong (at least according to London Fashion Week). There’s something delicate and sexy about this minimal fashion trend, which is exactly why you’ll need to wash with care. 

The number one thing you’ll want to avoid is getting your straps tangled. Tie your straps together in a semi-loose knot before you put them in the wash to prevent anything getting caught in the washer.  

Mesh bags can also help add an extra bit of protection for your delicate straps, allowing the water and laundry liquid to seep in whilst giving a layer between your clothes and the washer. Wash on a cold and delicate cycle to keep your straps and the material in shipshape.  

P.S - If this all sounds like a hassle, hand-washing is the way to go.  

 Cascading Ruffles  


Ruffles ooze romance and elegance, if they’re cared for properly. 

By far the most delicate out of these fashion trends, you’ll want to be extra careful at each step of the washing process.  

It goes without saying, but the first thing you should do is check the washing instructions on the label. Ruffled clothing often has specific temperature and washing requirements to follow (for example, hand-wash only) which will make or break the quality of your piece.  

If you’re popping your garment in the washer, you only need 2-3 minutes on a gentle cycle to give it a good clean. If its hand-wash only, simply fill up your sink and add a bit of our Laundry Liquid and spot-clean per usual (but don’t rub the lace together).  

Use a gentle fabric conditioner to soften the fabrics and keep those ruffle’s fibres intact and air dry on a flat surface to help maintain its shape.  

Want to tune in on the action? Check out our Instagram where we’ll be sharing all things London Fashion Week 2022— Wilton style.  




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