How to care for your indoor Jasmine plant like a pro

How to care for your indoor Jasmine plant like a pro


January was a tough month but we made it, and the start of February also means the start of indoor jasmine flowering season! If you’re experiencing a serious case of the winter blues, you’re not alone but luckily there’s a few natural remedies we can quite literally use to brighten our day — like having a Jasmine plant at home.

Jasmine is well known for its sweet scent but did you know that Jasmine can also act as a natural mood booster and their essential oils have proven mental health benefits?


Studies show that Jasmine can significantly help in reducing anxiety and depression. This is because of the extra doses of GABA released — a calming chemical throughout our nervous system. 

The word Jasmine also literally means “a gift from god”, which makes sense considering its yummy scent. 

So if you’ve been feeling down (or just like amazing smelling plants) here’s how to give your indoor Jasmine plant the TLC it deserves.

How to care for a Jasmine plant 


Give it the window treatment 

Jasmine plants are best kept near a south sunny window (or a well-lit room). Try to give it around 6 hours of direct sunlight everyday and about 2-4 hours of partial shade.

Having good air circulation is also vital to Jasmine plants, so open those windows! 

Bring on the water 

Like any tropical plant, Jasmines need a lot of water. Aim to water your plant around two times a week, or when the soil gets dry. Remember the soil should be slightly moist, never soggy. 

Temperature wise, even though it’s from warmer climates, Jasmine’s love the cool (fussy pants). To prevent overheating, try to keep the room around 18°C. 

Nip and tuck  

Jasmine plants are climbing vines, which means pruning is a must!

Removing any icky-looking vines and old stems will keep your Jasmine looking tidy and help them grow super quickly. 

To do this, just give the top 1cm a good pinch between your thumbnail and finger.

Get your soil right 

Good soil is the foundation for any healthy plant. In Jasmine’s case, the more absorbent your soil, the better. Pop in some organic treats like bark or coir (we didn’t know what that was either) to help drain the soil and keep it nice and airy. 

Make room for the vines 


The good news is Jasmine grows super quickly, the bad news is, Jasmine grows super quickly. It won’t take long for your Jasmine to be sprawling everywhere, so make sure you’ve got a proper planter ready. 

Hanging planters tick all the style boxes, but a trellis is an instantly inexpensive way to add a unique design to your space. 

And hey, you can always choose to let it hang loose, it’s all a matter of aesthetics. 

Where to buy Jasmine plants in London

If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect scented Jasmine , have a look at Beard & Daisies, they’ve got a lovely range to choose from, plus they ship across the UK. And of course, there’s no better compliment to a Jasmine plant than our Eco Friendly Jasmine Laundry Liquid, packed with natural essential oils, which obviously includes Jasmine!











Is it difficult to care for an indoor Jasmine plant?

Luckily Jasmine plants are pretty easy to care for, but they are delicate. Make sure they get plenty of sun, water, pruning and fresh soil to grow into its full potential (quite, literally). 


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