What is Oxy Bleach and how to use it

What is Oxy Bleach and how to use it


Oxygen bleach (or Oxy bleach) is a must have in every laundry room. Unlike traditional chlorine bleach, oxygen bleach uses much gentler sodium percarbonate to get the job done. Oxy is safe for use on almost all types of washable white or coloured fabrics (except for a few very delicate ones like wool and silk).

The chlorine and phosphate free formula is kind to the environment and is less corrosive and damaging to fibers, with no enzymes or optical brighteners the only nasties going down your drain will be those pesky stains. 

Don't be put off by the gentle nature of this product when used in the right way this bleach works wonders and gives those stubborn stains the heave-ho.

Here are a few tips on how to get the most of this magical powder:

Just add water

Oxy Bleach only works when mixed with water, if you're using it in your washing machine, you don't need to dilute it beforehand although to get the best results we suggest a warmer wash above 40 degrees. Just pop a scoop or two in the drum before adding your laundry. If you’re using it to treat stains or clean around the house — you need to mix it with some warm water first.

Red, red wiiiine. 

Didn't quite make it through Dry Jan? Need to hide the evidence? Oxy Bleach has got your back with absolutely no judgment. 

 1. Press a paper towel against the stained fabric to soak up as much of the excess wine as you can. Don’t rub when you’re doing this, as you could work the wine further into the fabric.

2. Mix two scoops of our Eco Friendly Oxy Bleach with a plastic bucket of warm to hot water. leave the fabric to soak for an hour or so.

3. Once you've left the stain to soak stick the stained fabric into the wash with some of our laundry detergent and if you think it needs it, another scoop of our eco friendly oxy bleach (or even two), always double check your garment labels too. 40 degrees should do the job, but if really stained, and your garment allows it, push the temperature up to 60.

Bathroom and tile mould 

Oxygen Bleach is very effective at killing mould and mildew which means it’s perfect for tackling mould on tiles and grout in the bathroom or just generally giving them a good old clean. 

  • Add enough very warm water to form a paste, make sure it's all mixed and disolved.
  • With a sponge or cloth wipe it over the tiles until the grout lines are full
  • leave to work for 10 mins
  • Rinse with warm water. 

For heavy stains use a toothbrush to give the grout a good scrub before rinsing.

How to remove tea and coffee stains from mugs

Coffee is a MUST in the Wilton office but for every mug of afternoon pick-me-up comes the dreaded coffee and tea mug stains. Coffee and tea stains might seem impossible to get rid of but we're here to tell you how to give your mugs the make over they deserve. 

All you need to do is pour a scoop of bleach into the mug then fill the mug with hot water and mix to let the bleach dissolve. Soak the mug for as long as it takes for the stains to vanish, it should only take about 10 minutes!

Give the mug a rinse and wash with our our botanical washing up liquids infused with essential oils that not only smell great but have antibacterial properties. 

We love hearing about new cleaning/laundry tips so if you've got any other interesting bleach hacks slide into our DMs. 



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