Why does my washing machine smell?

Why does my washing machine smell?


Ever wondered why your washing machine smells mouldy?

Washing machines are designed to get your laundry clean - but there's no way they're going to do that if they're dirty themselves.

Washing machines can attract a pong quite easily, think about it, most of the time they're moist and dark - just the place bacteria and mould thrive. And it's that bacteria that cause the smell.

It's quite easy to avoid, here are our tips to avoid the smell and how to clean a smelly washing machine:


Our Top Tips

1. Unload your wash straight away.

The longer you leave your washed laundry in the washer, the longer you give bacteria the chance to grow and thrive on your laundry. It's surprising how quickly the smell will appear, especially if your washing machine is already smelly.

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2. Let your machine dry after a wash.

Leave the washing machine door open after a wash and allow the drum to dry out. If your machine has a dosing draw (where you put the laundry liquid or fabric conditioner), it's a good idea to leave that open to dry too.


3. Clean your machine with vinegar

If your machine is already smelly, it's easy to clean. You don't need to use nasty chemicals like bleach, a nice eco-friendly alternative is Vinegar. Add around 450ml of white vinegar to the drum and run a hot wash. This will kill most of the bacteria in your machine so they can't leave their nasty pong on your laundry.



4. Clean out the dosing drawer.

Some laundry liquids are a bit too thick, and the leave behind residue in the draw. Most drawers pop out (usually with a pull and a lift, but check the manual) then you can wash this in warm soapy water to remove the gunk.


5. Clean the door seal.

This has to be bacterias favourite hang out spot. once a month, run a soapy sponge around and inside the rim or the rubber door seal. You'll be surprised at how dirty it can get.


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  • thanks for the tips i will use vinegar from now on although using wilton products over a year now and absolutely love your scents

    my bedding is such a beautiful smell and long lasting too ❤️

    yvonne Baird on

  • Excellent tips, I’m going to clean my washer now

    Imogen on

  • Great Tips..!! The tips you mention are really good to avoid the smell from the washing machine. All the points are great but personally, I like “Clean your machine with vinegar”. On the same topic, I write one blog that will easily connect with your blog (https://bdsdrainage.co.uk/washing-machine-smells-like-sewage/) Sorry for the link.
    Thanks for sharing such good tips.

    BDS Drainage on

  • Excellent tips thanks

    Karen on

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