Why we're made in the UK

Why we're made in the UK


'Made in the UK' is more than just a catchphrase, it's a pledge to do business in a way that supports the environment, the economy, and of course, our lovely customers. So, why is Wilton made in the UK?

Carbon emissions 

We don't often think about what it means to use products that are imported, but from cars to exotic fruits —  the carbon emissions used in transporting goods across the world to land at your door are significantly higher than when you buy goods made in your own backyard. 

By keeping all of our production in the UK, we reduce the distance it takes Wilton to get to our customers and cut our carbon emissions in the process. Win-win. 

Job creation

Did you know the UK manufacturing industry creates more than 2.7 million jobs? Wilton prides itself on providing high quality jobs for everyone that joins our team, from the warehouse to the office desk. 

Although it may be cheaper to make Wilton abroad — being closely connected to where we're made also helps ensure all our employees are happy and being treated and paid fairly in a safe environment. 


With less distance to travel and more control over our production, we're able to make sure our product meets the highest quality standards, every time.

Because a the end of the day, Wilton is more than a business. It's a pledge to do business the right way.

A way that puts the environment and our community at the core of what we do (with some pretty amazing scents too). 


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