The best in season flowers to brighten up your home

The best in season flowers to brighten up your home


If you're as flower obsessed as we are then you know spring is the perfect excuse to get a little flower crazy. But it's important to do it in a sustainable way. 

Like anything imported, the carbon footprint for products brought from overseas is massive compared to those sourced locally and in season. 

In fact, a study from Lancaster University showed that the carbon footprint of buying imported flowers is nearly 10 times higher than home sourced bouquets. Lucky for us there's plenty to choose from (and they're absolutely stunning).  

Here's our picks for the best in season blooms to brighten up your space, like a Wiltoner. 

The best British spring flowers to brighten up your home

Parrot Tulips

Everyone goes for tulips in spring, but have you ever heard of Parrot Tulips? Their cup-shaped fringes are a beautiful way to add something new to your spring bouquet. 

They're in bloom from late April to May. 


Narcissus, otherwise known by their fancier name 'daffodils' are no stranger to spring, or the UK. 

Dotted in soft yellows the trumpet-shaped flowers are sure to compliment any home. Pick up a £1 bunch from the shops, or find the bulbs of some fancier varieties online - plant them in April (in a window pot or a garden) for blooms in March to April, plus they last for ages.


More into the simple touches? We're super into Anemone at the moment, a beautiful spring flower great for adding pops of colour to any room. 

P.S - Their time to shine is from April to June


Ever heard of Euphorbia? The lime-green beauties are sure to make a statement in any season, but they're extra lovely in spring — blooming from April to June. 


With ruffled petals and delicate pink hues, this Ranunculus flower is a total showstopper, blooming all the way from April to October. 

Quick flower care tips 

  • Remember to cut 2-3 cm off your spring flower stems every few days to keep them fresh 
  • Never pick flowers from outside your home
  • Keep your flowers away from direct sunlight 
  • Take off any wilting flowers to prevent mould
  • Don't pick wild flowers. All of the above can be found in florists and other shops. You can also plan ahead with bulbs and seeds.

Looking for more? Have a read-through our ultimate spring cleaning guide to refresh your home for the season.


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