Your ultimate spring cleaning guide

Your ultimate spring cleaning guide


Winter is gone and spring is near, which can only mean one thing — time for a spring clean.

A refreshed home is a refreshed mind, and the perfect way to get ready to take on the new season. And let's face it, there's few things as satisfying as a spring clean. 

Here's a room-by-room guide on how to do your spring clean, like a Wiltoner.

Entry Way

As you soon as you walk in, you should be able to smell spring in the air. Spruce up your entry way with some spring flowers (like Primrose or Tulips).  

You'll also want to give a good organising to all your shoes and jackets and give your front door a good ole scrub. First impressions! 

Dining Room

For the dining room you'll most likely have some old China lying around that could use a good dusting. Time to get to work. 

You'll also want to strip your table linens and pop them in for a delicate wash. 


Cleaning the bathroom is the biggest job of any spring clean, but it's gotta be done. Start by having a look through all your makeup and personal care items for anything old or expired (and clean any old makeup brushes). 

For a burst of freshness, use our grapefruit multi-surface spray to clean your shower and sink. If you're up for the effort, you can also replace your shower curtain liner. 


Nothing gets you in the mood to make an Easter roast more than a beautifully clean kitchen.

A satisfying wipe down of all your appliances and you'll be good to go. 

Laundry Rooms

Time to get rid of that pesky washing machine smell.

Instead of bleaching, try vinegar, it's the best eco-friendly alternative and will easily kill all the bacteria in your machine. Just add around 450ml of white vinegar to the drum, run a hot wash and your washing machine is guaranteed to smell better for longer. 

Needless to say this a great time to whip out our laundry range (the only question is Jasmine or Cedarwood?). 


The bedroom is the haven of any home. Let's make it sparkling. With your pillows, sheets, duvets and bed skirts all added to the wash, it's time to bring your mattress back to life.

Flipping your mattress every 6-12 months helps spread the pressure and keeps it lasting longer. 

After the bed is flipped, make your way to the wardrobe for any clothes to donate or resell on platforms like Thrift

Living Rooms

There's a reason it's called the living room. This is where we spend the majority of our time, so it'll need some real TLC.

Give your lamp shade a good dust and if you have a carpet, now's the time to deodorise (with baking soda), shampoo and vacuum. 


As working from home has become the new normal, having a tidy office is as important as ever.

Make sure to recycle any old notes or work documents and give your keyboard and mouse a good sanitising. 

Don't forget to restock 

Of course, any spring clean will need some cleaning products, and there's nothing as satisfying as a restock. Use our laundry range and wash-up bundles (or go all out with The Big Clean) for the perfect spring tidy. 



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