4 simple Mother's Day gifts you don't have to wrap


Anyone else crazy indecisive when it comes to mother’s day presents? But sometimes, a little goes a long way.

Here's 4 simple Mother's Day 'gifts' you don't even have to wrap.

4 simple Mother's Day gifts you don't have to wrap 

Have an Afternoon Tea at home 

 Who says you have to travel for afternoon tea? Enjoy the comfort of home with your mum over scones (and a good pot of tea) with an afternoon tea at home.

Personally, we'd recommend Fortnum & Mason's Mid-Afternoon Tea Hamper or Cutter & Squidge's Afternoon Tea At Home

 Make her a home-cooked meal

You've got her a gift. The perfect card. Now let's top it off with a home-cooked meal. 

Nothing spoils a mum quite as much as breakfast in bed (laundered in Wilton Laundry Liquid, obviously) or a Mother's Day dinner. Lost for ideas? Get recipe inspo on BBC Good Foods or Delish UK 

Quality time 

 We're all guilty of forgetting how much quality time means to our parents (and us), so time for a reminder. 

Whether it's a cheeky Netflix binge on the telly or the simple enjoyment of a good catch-up, giving your mum a few hours of undivided attention goes a long way.

Clean the house (Wilton style)

Now, we're not saying give mum a day off cleaning - because everyone should be sharing the cleaning. BUT, there's nothing better than coming home to a clean home scented with essential oils.

So make the house sparkle effortlessly with our multi-surface spray and essential oil packed wash-up. And if you really want to impress, do the laundry. 

Now, obviously, we're biased, but with scents like aromatic Cedarwood or fresh Jasmine you're sure to have a happy mum.  


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