What does fabric conditioner do? 5 Reasons why fabric conditioner is a laundry essential

What does fabric conditioner do? 5 Reasons why fabric conditioner is a laundry essential


Just like using your daily SPF and anti-ageing night face cream every evening, Fabric Conditioner is an essential step to your laundry routine that shouldn't be missed. Here are 5 reasons we love fabric conditioners for every wash: 


  1. Helps Your Fabrics Last Longer 

Fabric conditioner isn't just about softness; it's also about longevity. Our clever plant-based formula, aids in repairing the fibres of your beloved fabrics. This means you can cherish your favourite garments and linens for longer without worrying about wear and tear.


  1. Saves Time on Ironing

No-one enjoys tackling a mountain of ironing, even with a glass of wine on the go. Enter, fabric conditioner. Conditioning agents that smooth out fabrics and effortlessly release creases means less time spent on the iron.


  1. Softens Materials

While the softening effect of fabric conditioner may seem obvious, its impact is undeniable. By infusing plant-based softeners into your laundry, fabric conditioner ensures that fibres remain cosy. Say goodbye to scratchy towels and hello to luxuriously soft knitwear and bed linens.


  1. Preserves Colours

A fabric conditioner is a clever way to keep colours colourful. Softer fabrics = less friction. Less friction = less dye lost in the wash. Who knew?


  1. Fabulous Fragrance Boost 

Elevate your laundry experience scent boosting using fabric conditioners. Pairing your favourite Wilton laundry detergent with a complementary fabric conditioner enhances the fragrance of your laundry. Enjoy a long-lasting scent that lingers on your clothes, leaving them smelling amazing with every wear.


Fabric conditioner isn't just a supplementary step in your laundry routine—it's an essential step to make the most of your laundry routine. From extending the life of your fabrics to cutting your ironing time in half, fabric conditioner improves every aspect of your laundry experience. So, the next time you reach for your detergent, don't forget to include fabric conditioner for a truly exceptional clean.


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