Where to find the best Wildflowers in the UK

Where to find the best Wildflowers in the UK


Every spring the UK outdoes itself with beautiful blooms popping across the country. With miles of wildflowers at your fingertips, there's no excuse not to get out and explore all the florals the UK has to offer. Here's where to find the best Wildflowers in the UK.

Muker Meadows, Swaledale 

Muker Meadow has been coined one of the best places to see Wildflowers in the UK for its wide and beautiful range of native blooms. 

For the best experience, plan for a summer visit. There's a lovely walk around the Muker village nearby and most Wildflowers will be in bloom by then.

Rannderdale Knotts, Lake District

Bluebells aren't always the first thing you think of when it comes to the Lake District. But come May, there's thousands swarming across the area, and they're well-worth seeing.

Pay a visit to the magical Rannderdale Knotts to lose a day roaming Bluebells and enjoying UK nature to the fullest. In bloom for most of April and May.

The Sunflower Project at Hard Pressed Cornwall 

Starting from May the Cornish coast turns into a treasure trove of Wildflowers, and they're pretty photo-worthy too.

Visit the 18-acre 'Sunflower Project' field near Truro in Cornwall — packed with over 275,000 sunflowers and open to the public. Even better, all proceeds to The Sunflower Project help raise money for the Soweena Mental Heath Trust for young people. 

Lordington Lavender Field, Hampshire

If the Lordington Lavender Field looks familiar, it's probably because you've seen it on your Instagram feed. From 2002 the Lavender field was brought to life to help preserve the historic Lavender industry. 

Wander over 25-acres of pungent purple fields, bursting with iconic wildflowers. 

London Fields, London

It's easy to forget London is 40% green space when you live in the city. But if you travel to London Fields you'll get a beautiful reminder.

The Hackney park is filled with vibrant Red Poppies come springtime. 

Remember, Wildflowers are for admiring 

Although we love Wildflowers, they shouldn't go home with us. From birds to bees and dragonflys — wild species depend on Wildflowers to flourish. But that doesn't mean you can't snap a pic or two (or of course, grow your own).


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