The Wilton London Botanical Fragrance Garden at RHS Hampton Court

The Wilton London Botanical Fragrance Garden at RHS Hampton Court


Move over Monty, we’ve created a sensory garden at RHS Hampton Court Palace Festival designed by the talented Penelope Hill Smith.

As you know, we’re obsessed with all things botanical, so our garden has been designed to feature plants and botanicals that we use to make our products. 


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Trachelospermum Jasminoides

Scent notes: Sweet, heady floral top note, we accompany it with a powdery ylang ylang

Native to the UK, this evergreen self-twinning climbing jasmine is covered with heady perfumed star shaped white blooms. Its glossy dark green leaves turn bronze in winter. It has a long flowering period with a strong scent that will fill your garden.

Products that use Trachelospermum Jasminoides



Jasmine Eco Laundry Capsules 


Jasmine Eco Laundry Liquid




Up-cycled Cedarwood Chippings

Scent notes: Woody scent with an undertone of citrus and balsamic and a camphorous odour

Our products use many ‘up-cycled’ ingredients.

These are ingredients made from otherwise waste material. For example, we extract our cedarwood oils from chippings and sawdust waste from the furniture making industry

Products that use Up-cycled Cedarwood Chippings


Cedarwood Eco Laundry Liquid


Cedarwood Eco Fabric Conditioner





Eucalyptus Gunnii Azure

Scent notes: Minty, woody & citrusy middle note known for its fresh clean aroma.

A beautiful Eucalyptus variety that has intense silvery blue foliage and a compact bushy habit making it ideal for all gardens. Although like all Eucalyptus it is a fast-growing tree, it is a little slower than others varieties and is prunable and exceptionally frost hardy.

Products that use Eucalyptus Gunnii Azure

Eucalyptus Washing Up Liquid


Eucalyptus Multi-surface Spray



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